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Fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Error ps077: A Repairing Guide With Solutions

Trying to install a payroll tax table update? QuickBooks facing problems? Screen errors blinking up as QuickBooks Error ps077? These all issues fall under the domain of Error ps077 QuickBooks. This is quite a common problem faced by the majority of the users in their system. But you must be thinking if it is that basic error then, it will be too easy to resolve it. In your favor, it is easy to troubleshoot it yet you need proper guidance in doing so.

We are here for this sole reason and will guide you in the best possible ways to clear it out from your system. This article includes all the basics of ps077 error and their detailed solutions. Just read with us and we will learn together.  

QuickBooks Error ps077: Introduction

QuickBooks Error ps077

Error ps077 QuickBooks happens when the user downloads payroll updates for the QuickBooks software. “QuickBooks is having trouble installing payroll tax table update” error message will blink on the screen stating the presence of this payroll error.

These types of payroll errors will allow the users to update the tax table and moreover, it restricts the QuickBooks operations.

QuickBooks Payroll Error ps077: Reasons For Occurrence  

There can be various reasons for the existence of QuickBooks Payroll Update Error ps077 in your system. These are:

  • When QuickBooks payroll or other related components corrupt the tax-table files.
  • In case the billing information is out of date.
  • Corrupted or damaged QuickBooks company files.
  • Unregistered QuickBooks software.
  • When QuickBooks cannot read the information and data registered to the software.
  • Incorrect billing info. in payroll.

Triggers To Identify QuickBooks ps077 Error

The indicators below will tell the QuickBooks payroll users that their system is experiencing the QuickBooks ps077 error. The list is here below.

QuickBooks Error ps077

  • QuickBooks halts & freezes in its operations..
  • Your system starts responding slowly.
  • QB  Error PS077 texts twinkle on the desktop screen. 
  • You cannot update the tax table.
  • You cannot download Payroll updates.  

Points To Remember Prior To QuickBooks Error ps077 Resolution

  • Firstly, keep a check & verify that the user is using only one QuickBooks version in his system
  • Secondly, check for the QuickBooks Payroll subscription
  • Repair the QuickBooks software to prevent problems in your account.
  • Your payroll account news to have the correct billing info. 
  • Before doing any operation in the QuickBooks company file, always remember to keep a backup of all the files. 
  • Update the QuickBooks desktop software to its latest version.
  • You need to authenticate the QuickBooks Payroll Subscription.
  • Lastly, do check whether the billing info. mentioned in the payroll account is correct or not.

QuickBooks Payroll Error ps077: Top Methods To Repair

Below, there are three basic solutions given for the different types of Windows users. Read below for more. 

Method 1: Exit The Payroll Windows

  • Firstly, sign out from your QuickBooks account.
  • Further, make sure not any window in the payroll system is open, so exit all such windows now.
  • For verifying all the windows are no longer open, access the task manager via the Ctrl+Alt+Delete buttons altogether.
  • Lastly, reopen the software QuickBooks Desktop & download the QuickBooks payroll.

Method 2: QuickBooks Update

QuickBooks Update

  • Firstly, access your QuickBooks account & check the QBs License data. You need to have the latest version of QuickBooks.
  • Next, verify the details such as billing info. dates present on the QuickBooks payroll service account.
  • Navigate to the menu File & tap on Utilities for verifying & creating the QuickBooks Data.
  • For users with Microsoft Windows 7 and 8, you will have to turn off the UAC and after this, you need to download the QBs payroll updates.

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Method 3: Reinstallation Of The QuickBooks Desktop Version

Two different cases can arise for this solution namely.

  • If the user is making use of a single version of QuickBooks.
  • If the user is making use of the multiple version of QuickBooks. 
Case 1: QuickBooks Single Version

If the user is operating a single version of QuickBooks in the system then the user has to go through the following steps below. 

  • Firstly, create a backup of the QBs company file.
  • Verify & exit all the programs running in the background.
  • Further, open the Run Window in the system and read below for different Windows users.
Windows 8 
  • Navigate to the Windows System Tab.
  • Further, tap and access the Start Screen.
  • Do a right-click on the option background to all apps.
  • Lastly, choose the option Run.
Windows 7 and XP
  • Firstly, tap on the Start button in case you are not signed in as the admin.
  • Next, tap on the All Program option and choose Accessories.
  • At last, click on Run.
Windows Vista
  • Firstly, tap on the Start button. 
  • Next, click on the Search field. 
  • Now, type up Run, and hit Enter.

Now as the Run window prompts on your screen

  • Write up the Control Panel and hit Enter. 
  • Moving further, navigate to the programs and feature options & double-tap on it.
  • Next, a list of all programs and software installed in your system will come up.
  • Select QuickBooks Desktop programs you wish to remove.
  • Tap on the option Change/Remove Or in Windows Vista, you will get the option Uninstall/Change option.


  • QuickBooks Wizard window will open up.
  • Lastly, tap on the Next button after choosing the option Remove.
Case 2: QuickBooks Multiple Version 

For the second case, if the user is using Multiple Versions of QuickBooks in the system then do a clean installation of the QuickBooks Desktop software. Do as per the steps to finish the process. 

  • Firstly, reset the QuickBooks update for multiple versions of QuickBooks after removing all the additional Installations in your system.
  • Further, the user needs to download the latest payroll tax table.
  • Sort the list again, and then use the option Verify Data/Rebuild data Process.
  • Lastly, do a Clean Uninstall/reinstall in the selective startup mode.

Final Words

This article is a comprehensive guide for all the users looking to counter QuickBooks error ps077 in their system. From its basics to detailed solutions, our article covers it all. Our content is structured in such a way that it can be understood by anyone easily. We hope you are no longer stuck in any more problems. For assistance in the near future, you can always contact us via call, email, or chat support available 24×7. 

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