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Quickbooks is one of the advanced accounting software that offers premium accounting features to manage your business data conveniently. It allows the users to store and use the financial information of your business in the most efficient way. However, you have to make sure to store this information properly to avoid any kind of data loss because of any error. Quickbooks Software allows users to create a backup of the company file so that you can restore the data whenever you want. So if you are transferring Quickbooks to Another PC then you can use these backup files to restore data. Transfer Quickbooks To New PC

In order to successfully migrate the Quickbooks data to a new computer, you need to make sure to follow the given procedure below in order. You need to first install and activate the Quickbooks Software in your new device and then you can continue working with the software.

Steps to Transfer Quickbooks Data To A New PCtransfer Quickbooks Data to New PC

Before uninstalling the Quickbooks Desktop From your old device, Make sure to create a backup of the company file to restore the data on a new computer. these backup files can be useful If you have lost your data because of any error. hence, make sure to create a backup of the Quickbooks Company file regularly. 

Follow these steps to Transfer Quickbooks data

  • In order to successfully restore data in new Pc, you need to first create a backup on your old device and also restore the license information to successfully activate the Software in your new device.
  • Save these backup files in your new device and then open the browser.
  • Now open Intuit Official Website and download the latest release of the Quickbooks Software in your device.
  • Now go to the folder where the installation file is stored and then double-click on it.
  • Follow the instructions as prompted to complete the installation process.
  • Open the Quickbooks Software and login to your Quickbooks account. 
  • After this, restore the backup files in your device and then remove the Quickbooks Software from your old device.

Steps to Restore Quickbooks File on New Device

After successfully installing and activating the Quickbooks Software on your device, Now you can follow the steps mentioned below to restore Quickbooks Company files.

  • Locate the location where the Quickbooks backup files are stored or Insert the drive in your device in Which the file is stored.
  • Now double-click on the Quickbooks Icon to start the Quickbooks Software.
  • Now go to the File menu and choose “Open Or Restore company” from the list.
  •  After this, click on “Restore a backup file” option and then choose Next.
  • Now choose the “Local File” Option and then click on Save and then choose next.Transfer Quickbooks
  • After this, Go to the folder where the Quickbooks backup file is stored.
  • Select the file and then Choose the Location where you want to create this file in your new device.
  • After this click on “Save” and then wait until the Restore Process completes.

Once the process will complete, you are ready to Go. You can now use your Old Quickbooks data in New Device Easily. However, While Restoring the Quickbooks data into new Devices, You have to keep these things in mind to avoid any kind of error.

  • After successfully downloading the software into your device, You need to first activate all the services you have been using on your old device.
  • In order to backup all your data from your old device, You can use an External Device. you need to first copy the data in your external device and then you can save it on your new device.
  • After successfully migrating your data to the New Computer, Make Sure to create a new backup on this device too.

So this way you can easily transfer Quickbooks Data to a new PC. while transferring the Quickbooks data, make sure to follow the process in order to avoid any kind of error. Once the software is activated now you can simply restore the Quickbooks Company file to retrieve the data. However, If you have encountered an error while restoring the Quickbooks Company file then you can report the issue to the experts at Quickbooks. They are available 24×7 to help you with an effective solution. 

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